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omfg my group at this summer camp is wild. Three of them keep running out of class and I have to go run after them. They’re pretty scared of me now because I manage to cut them off at the end of each hallway but tbh I don’t think I can run anymore because of my asthma…

No Greed?


Over the almost 700 chapters of Naruto, people have been trying to steal the Sharingan from left to right. And now the second-to-last Sharingan wielder dies and no one tries to steal the eyes for power?! 

Well yeah. There’s nobody there that wants to steal the eyes anymore. Kaguya already has her god-level Sharinnegan, Zetsu is attached to Kaguya, Madara’s upper half doesn’t even exist anymore, and Orochimaru is supposedly caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

okay seriously I’m still seeing people saying that Naruto is an idiot for saying Obito is the coolest guy ever. You’re missing the whole point of the series. Go back and read it all over again until you finally grasp the moral of the story.

Alright so now that Obito is gone, Naruto is super motivated to defeat Black Zetsu and Kaguya. Meanwhile the Hokages are chilling over wherever they’re at with Haguromo and Madara’s lower half.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Madara saw all of this coming and placed another seal on Obito so that when he dies, Madara comes back. That would be the biggest “Fuck-you” to Obito’s existance and final act of redemption omg.


K so i see all these posts saying that “omg naruto he killed your parents you’ve gone too far ughh why’d you call him ‘the coolest guy’” and you guys are literally missing the entire moral behind this manga. the entire point of this is to understand each other, because only when we understand each other are conflicts resolved/avoided. Naruto understood Obito’s pain, and more than that, Naruto understood Obito’s dream. Naruto also understands that obito thought doing all the things he did was helping the world. He called him the coolest guy because he slipped down into a darkness probably even below Madara, and brought himself back up to the light. Stop saying “Obito murdered your parents wtf Naruto” because Kishi is trying to teach us the hardest lesson of all, the power of forgiving someone.

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